object/furniture Design
Aesthetics & Collabs
object/furniture Design
Aesthetics & Collabs
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Disclaimer: all photos and photo styling presented below have been made by our client's photographer. Some pieces of futniture and objects selected by us have been removed and replaced by our client. We still would like to share this project as it demonstrates our expertise in working with interior and exterior spaces.

We have developed a well-thought-out layout for this apartment, following the dogmas of classical architecture with central axes. We have located a dining room and a living room along the central axis. There is an access to a spacious planted terrace from the dining room. Kitchen is isolated but approachable from the living and dining rooms. It has a grand built-in storage system and a small table for breakfasts. Master bedroom, master bathroom and master dressing room are united within a private zone.

Rounded corners make the sun light softer; shades of whites assemble parts into a single architectural whole and make the rooms more spacious visually. All the built-in furniture, doors, marble and plaster portals and doorways are custom-designed by us specially for this project.

220 sq m
We would not hang this mirror
We wish there would be a different
art piece and another frame

This carpet should not be here. The chosen one is
Rose Diamond carpet by Ruckstuhl